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Fiduciary Duty

When deciding to work with a financial professional, an important consideration is whether the professional is acting as a fiduciary. What is a fiduciary and why is it so important? A fiduciary is legally obligated to act solely in the client's best interest, not the investment firms.

At BW Wealth Management, we always strive to put your best interest first. As fiduciaries, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity and loyalty to our clients.

We believe in placing our client's best interests first.

Therefore, we commit to the following four fiduciary principles:

We Will Always Put Our Client's Interests First.
We Will Act With Prudence; That Is, With The Skill, Care Diligence, And Good Judgment Of A Professional.
We Will Not Mislead Clients, And Will Provide Conspicuous, Full And Fair Disclosure Of All Important Facts. 
We Will Fully Disclose And Fairly Manage, In Our Client's Favor, Any Unavoidable Conflicts.

Steve Boeckmann CFP® ChFC® CRPC®
David Wyzgowski

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